Monday, October 26, 2015


No. School State Rating
1. Carmel IN 51.65
2. Bloomfield Hills MI 51.15
3. Pulaski Academy AR 50.44
4. Kent Denver CO 50.19
5. Detroit Country Day MI 49.85
6. North Central IN 49.02
7. Cranbrook Kingswood MI 47.44
8. Novi MI 46.87
9. Portage Central MI 46.80
10. Cherry Creek CO 46.42
11. Creighton Preparatory School NE 45.78
12. Midland Dow MI 45.39
13. Colorado Academy CO 45.21
14. Northville MI 44.48
15. Boulder CO 44.47
16. Troy MI 44.32
17. Park Tudor IN 43.64
18. Fairview CO 43.56
19. Ann Arbor Pioneer MI 43.06
20. Jeffersonville IN 42.63
21. Guerin Catholic IN 41.97
22. Leo IN 41.55
23. Birmingham Brother Rice MI 41.30
24. Millard North NE 41.15
25. Denver East CO 40.46

**Rankings do NOT include Texas who has not completed their season as of 10/26/15**

These rankings consist only of teams that are 
approved members of their State High School Athletic Association

The rankings were complied using a Power 5 formula based on the Universal Tennis Rating system. The rankings take the UTR of each teams top 5 players and combine them to form their final ranking. All research and compiling of statistics were done by the National High School Tennis Association. This set of rankings is NOT based on final results during the season but on player ratings. 

It is possible that in our research we may have missed a deserving team. If you have a team that you feel should have made this list please email the information to Thanks!


  1. Will you redo this list when the states that play boys tennis in the Spring finish their state tournaments? Hard to believe Indiana has that many top-rated teams, and that comes from someone who coaches in the state and watched Carmel play.

    1. We will post a additional list in the spring of the top 25 teams and All-Americans from states that play tennis in the spring. We will then post our final 2015-16 Top 75 Rankings and All-American selections.

  2. How did Carmel end up higher than North Central? North Central beat Carmel in the quarterfinal of the state tournament...curious

    1. I now see this is based on a formula, by player. Just goes to show - the best "talent" does not always win.

    2. We decided to use this formula because it was the only objective way to compare all teams from throughout the country since very few have any common opponents. It is very interesting to see where teams finish in their state compared to these rankings because sometimes there is a direct correlation in finish and sometimes the "most talented" team does not always win. Thanks for you interest in our rankings!